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May 7, 2014 | Recipes, Wine and Food Pairings | Ravines ,

Dry Riesling & Grilled Striped Bass


Ravines Dry Riesling and Striped Bass recipe

Dry Riesling and Grilled Striped Bass with Lemon & Capers

Enjoy this delicious recipe this spring.

                    -4 striped bass fillets, can substitute Halibut or Cod                                                   

      Sauce:                                                                  Marinade:   

-2 T olive oil                                                         - 2T Olive Oil
-2 T fresh lemon juice                                           - 1 T minced parsley
-2 T capers                                                          - 1 T minced parsley
-1 T minced fresh Italian parsley                            - 1 t lemon zest
-2 T minced sun-dried tomatoes                           - freshly ground pepper
-1/2 t sugar
-1/4 t crushed red pepper flakes
-1/4 t kosher salt


Whisk together ingredients and rub over fillets on all sides.  Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to grill. In a small bowl whisk together the sauce ingredients. Set aside at room temperature.  Grill the fillets over direct high heat until the fish is just opaque at the center and slightly firm to the touch, 8-10 minutes, turning once. Remove and serve warm with the sauce spooned on top.  Serve with your favorite sautéed vegetables and Ravines Dry Riesling.


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