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Ravines Wine Cellars

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September 20, 2014 | Ravines ,

Wine & Words

Join us for a literature and poetry series: Wine & Words.  Enjoy a complimentary reading and wine tasting event. Hear poetry, fiction, music, and more from talented writers. Join us for an evening that is bound to be simply poetic!. The final reading of the season will be on October 3rd from 5:30 to 7:30.

Hear readings from:

Kaye Newbury
Martha Horton
Karen Chronister
Bart White
David Peterson

Wine is Bottled Poetry quote Wine and Words event

"Even if you tell me what kind of grapes are smashed into my glass of wine, or how long the skin contact was and what type of container it sat in, there's no way to predict the rich associations and flavors I'm going to find on my palate when I sip. You don't know what you'll get. And a poem is like that too. I can tell you how I constructed it or what techniques went into it and you could even clap your hands along to get the syllable count. But the meaning is something much more complex and lovely, something you construct each time you hear it." - Nate Pritts


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