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Ravines Wine Cellars


Our Vineyards

White Springs Vineyard

Our grapes come primarily from the White Springs Vineyard on the northeast corner of Seneca Lake. It is just south of the town of Geneva, part of the historic White Springs Farm, planted in 2000 by Carl Fribolin.

This part of Seneca Lake is distinct from the rest because it is the end of the Niagara Escarpment Extension, and has Honeyoye Loam over limestone soils (calcareous) rather than the highly acidic soils that comprise most of the Finger Lakes. It is one of the few irrigated vineyards in the Finger lakes, using the clear waters of the White Springs as the water source. It is very well protected facing the lake with a good slope.

Argetsinger Vineyard


A steep-sloped vineyard on the east side of Seneca Lake, owned by Beren Argetsinger. The shallow, mineral rich soil of this vineyard gives the grapes a leaner fruit profile, with more floral characteristics and focused minerality. 





16 Falls Vineyard


Located on the East side of Seneca Lake in the town of Lodi, this vineyard consists of acidic shalestone with significant clay content. The vineyard is almost entirely installed with a lyre trellis system. This system, invented by Alain Carbonneau (Morten's Viticultue Professor in Montpellier, France) significantly increases the amount of sunshine captured by the vines by having a larger foliar surface area. This in turn results, systematically, in greater ripeness.