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Ravines Wine Cellars



What is the cost to join the club?

There is no cost to join and all tastings are free when you visit us. You receive a 20% discount on every wine order (half bottles, full bottles and magnums) and agree to receive our seasonally selected club releases consisting of four bottles, four times a year. The average cost of these Releases is $70- $80, and fluctuates based on which wines are selected. All Club Releases are billed with the 20% discount. 


How do pick-ups work?

We automatically bill your credit card at the time of release, and you can pick up the wine at your convenience. A great time to do so is at our corresponding quarterly weekend pick-up parties, called our Revelry events, which are complimentary for a member and their significant other or one guest. The parties allow members to sample the wines and a food pairing for each dish, and then the recipes for those pairings are detailed in the club newsletter. We allow members to pick-up your wines anytime in the next six months, but if you wait longer than three months, we may have to substitute vintages or provide a wine of equal or greater value. You can request to have your wine shipped to you at any time with additional shipping charges and after six months, we may contact you to have your wine shipped that has not been picked up. 


How does shipping work?

Three weeks prior to the ship date we notify members of the upcoming Release and confirm the future date when you will be billed. At that time you may submit a) changes to your credit card or address, b) requests to delay shipment until you will be home, c) requests for additional wine orders at your 20% discount, where you may add up to 8 additional bottles without paying any additional shipping charges (essentially 8 bottles with free shipping!). 

Since an adult signature is required for successful delivery, due to federal alcohol laws, we have found that shipping to a work address may be the most efficient way for you to receive wine, as an adult will always be on hand to sign for delivery. 


How do I cancel my membership?

As part of the agreement, we require the purchase of at least four club selections prior to cancellation. Club cancellations must be made in writing, via e-mail, or over the phone at (315) 781-7006.