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September 20, 2014 | 2014 Harvest, Harvest, Our Wines | Ravines ,

Harvest Begins

The 2014 harvest season has begun.  This is a busy and exciting time of year as bunches on the vine begin their transformation into delicious wine.  We're bringing you along for the ride, sharing photos of harvest and the wine making process. 

Morten Hallgren collecting samples of Pinot Noir in the vineyard.


   Pictured left, winemaker Morten Hallgren collects Pinot samples for analysis to determine if they are ready for harvesting.   



Pinot Noir Champagne clones at the Argetsinger vineyard.

   Pinot Noir Champagne clones from the Argetsinger vineyard typically herald the start of harvest. The Argetsinger vineyard is a naturally low yielding vineyard on steep, limestone soils that yields spectacular fruit which Morten makes into a beautiful dry rosé.

Morten Hallgren loads Champagne clone Pinot Noir   




   Morten loads Champagne clone Pinot Noir, beginning its journey to becoming dry rosé. 


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