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August 19, 2014 | Ravines ,

Morten & Lisa Hallgren Featured Interview

The Grape Collective recently released an interview with Ravines owners Morten & Lisa Hallgren. They tell the story of how they have come to be a contributing force in the growth and elevation of the Finger Lakes wine region and why the Finger Lakes is such a fantastic region for wine making. Owners Morten and Lisa Hallgren

"Ravines has quickly become one of most dynamic winemakers in the region, elevating the level and expected quality of Finger Lakes wine, alongside fellow "New" New Yorkers in Anthony Road, Silver Thread,and Bloomer Creek. Don't go thinking that these wines are tucked away in the Northeast. You can find wines from these estates on wine lists at top restaurants around the country."

"People think that we don't have a nice climate her for growing grapes but we do. It's a combination of the cool climate where we are able to attain this beautiful acidity in all of our wines and it's something that for the most part is lacking in American wines, great acidity. When it gets to your taste buds it makes your food taste better. We're able to make these great food wines here.

Also, the soils. We have this glacial carved lakes with this glacial till all around the lakes and so we have this beautiful acidic shale stone and limestone soils that really give us this great distinct minerality in all of our wines. I think Ravines' style, our house style is more of this delicate aromatics. We don't try to get a big extraction so we just want that beautiful, natural minerality and delicate aromatics come out in the wines."

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Time Posted: Aug 19, 2014 at 12:48 PM